So yesterday, in an attempt to initiate reforms in Nigeria's tertiary sector, the Federal Government moved to scrap the award of Higher National Diplomas (HND) in polytechnics in Nigeria.

The resolution was reached at the Federal Executive Council where the Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu told journalists afterwards that despite the scrapping, “HND certificate will remain a legal tender in Nigeria and holders of such certificate will continue to be recognised as the equivalent of first degree holders without discriminatory remunerations and limit to progression in the work place.''

So, what exactly does the ban mean for students currently undergoing HND programmes and what will be the lot of future seekers of the certificate?

Here are 5 important things you should know about the Federal Government ban on HND certificates.

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1. You Will Still Get Your HND If You're In School At The Moment

According to the decision reached by FEC, the award of HND will only be limited to students currently enrolled in a HND programme. Afterwards, only National Diploma (ND) will be awarded in polytechnics.

2. Non-Technical Courses Will Be Scrapped From Polys

The Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu revealed that about 70% of courses offered at polytechnics are non-technical courses, and they will all be scrapped.

According to him, only technology-based courses will be run in polytechnics going forward.

3. Polytechnics To Become 'City Universities' 

Following the removal of non-technical courses in polytechnics, polytechnics will now become campuses of the proximate universities with the Vice Chancellors of those universities appointing provosts for the polytechnics, subject to the ratification of the Universities Councils.

In other words, Yaba College of Technology, for instance, under the new order could become a proximate campus of the University of Lagos, with appointment of the provost done by UNILAG's VC and subject to approval by the University Council.

4. HND Will Be Replaced By 'Bachelor of Technology'

With the scrapping of non-technical courses from polytechnics, they will now be limited to award of the National Diploma (ND) while those desirous of further education will be awarded the Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) by the proximate university.

5. Change Is Underway

Not wasting anytime in implementing this new order, the FEC sent two executive bills to the National Assembly for enactment, aimed at strengthening the setting up of the two city universities and preparing all federal polytechnics and colleges of education as campuses of proximate universities.

Meanwhile, Yaba College of Technology and Kaduna Polytechnic are set to pave the way for this change as they will henceforth be known as City University of Technology, Yaba and City University of Technology, Kaduna.