We know Yoruba guys have gotten several knocks on the head for their notoriety with women.

In fact, that’s the main reason they’re called “Yoruba demons”. But they’re not all bad, to be honest, and this is coming from a woman who has been married to a true-born Yoruba guy for nearly 3 years, although we’ve been together for about 7 years altogether.

At the end of the day, one can only judge based on one’s personal experience and it is on that premise that this article will be centred on. 

Without further ado, let’s discover 5 heartwarming things about being married to a Yoruba man.

1. Zombie love: For all their Casanova behaviour, when a Yoruba guy eventually falls in love, he falls hard. As in real hard! He will defend you anywhere and shower you affection as if you’re the only female human being on this planet. It’s no wonder that a woman who is being loved like this is accused of feeding such a man with ‘efo’ (vegetable soup a.k.a love potion) because people just can’t understand what’s behind that level of loving.

2. Pamper much: When a Yoruba man is in love with you, he will do everything he can to make sure you’re happy. He will pamper you till you are glowing with love. Even if he’s broke, he is ready to spend his last dime on you as long as it will bring you joy. Once again, it would seem like ‘efo’ is at work in your relationship.

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3. You or no one else: The moment a Yoruba guy makes up his mind to settle down and marry you, he’ll make sure his whole family is on board with him. Even if there are one or two family members who may object (because they don’t just like you or because you’re from another tribe), he’ll put his foot down firmly and let them understand that you’re his final choice, so they either accept you or count themselves non-existent to him. Gbam!

4. Laugh fest: After Warri guys, Yoruba men are the next when it comes to their sense of humour. They can turn almost everything into a joke no matter how serious. Their sense of humour is also a clever tactic for diffusing tension when things get dicey between you two. Besides that, there’s never a dull moment with a Yoruba man.

5. Delicious sex: If you don’t already know that Yoruba guys are the gods of sex in this country, then you don’t know anything. And that’s a fact; ask any babe who’s rolled in the sack with them and they’ll confirm it. No need to talk too much on this – after all, they don’t call them Yoruba demons for nothing *wink*