It's the weekend people and we're just as excited as you are.

The white button-down shirt is a wardrobe classic every woman should have sitting pretty in her closet. However, there is a tendency to limit this item to work and formal outings.

Nothing could be more wrong.

Truth is, a white button-down shirt can be rocked for so many different occasions including a weekend outing or even a girl's night out. It all depends on how you style it.

So, if you've got any weekend outings and wondering what to wear, let's go through some options on how you can rock your white button-down shirt.

1. All white everything

You can pair your white shirt with a white pair of jeans for an ultra chic, clean look. Pair with fun shoes and accessories for a pop of colour.

Photo credit: Instagram/stylepantry

2. Tied up

Let loose by cropping your white shirt. Tie it up over a pair of jeans, skirt or even shorts for an easy, relaxed look.

Photo credit: Instagram/stylepantry

3. With sneakers

For an uber casual, laid back look, pair your white shirt with tiny shorts and a pair of sneakers. However, for the faint of heart, you can always pair your shirt with a skirt and sneakers.

Photo credit: Instagram/kaylahoniwo

4. Under a dress

Is there a sleeveless dress sitting in your closet? Why not revamp it by pairing it with a white shirt?

Photo credit: Instagram/sgtcclothing

5. With ankara shorts

Weekends are a great time to rock shorts and with the blistering hot sun, nothing could be more comfy.

Photo credit: Instagram/sgtcclothing