The cat has finally been let out of the bag as the Oruma family have broken their silence officially.

Dominic Oruma, Wilson's younger brother has spoken for the first time on Monday about the health condition of the former Nigeria international and member of the Super Eagles team at the World Cup in France 1998.

He spoke as a special guest on Sports Splash. Here are 5 facts he described as indisputable truths.

1. Wilson Oruma Is Not Mad - There is a significant difference between depressed and being insane. "My elder brother is not mad. Yes, he has been through a though time and needs medical attention which he is receiving now at a facility but he is not mad".

2. The Pictures Circulating On Social Media Were Taken Between November and December - Against allegations that Wilson Oruma has been hiding away from people because of his insanity, Dominic says he chose to let his hair and beards grow for a while.

"The family had called him and told him that he had to cut his hair and he refused. That made us realise that he may be suffering a relapse.

"So, we decided to let him spend Christmas with his children before taking him to receive medical attention.

"He can still sit with anyone and hold a reasonable conversation but the issue is his consistency of character and choices".

3. Wilson Oruma Has A Bad Wife - Dominic Oruma did not mince words when he spoke about Wilson's  wife. Although there are no previous remarks made about her personality, Dominic was quite emphatic that her bad deeds contributed to his dwindling fortunes.

"I would say it's bad advise. He is married to a bad wife".

4. Wilson Oruma Kept Bad Company - Wilson is quite known to keep few friends and maintain his privacy but it seems his little crowd was bad enough to cause tremendous havoc. "He doesn't have too many friends. He keep few friends.

"We do not control his life as a family. He decides what he wants to do for himself and with his money all the time.

"When you have the likes of Emakpor Dibofun as your friend what good can come out of it?

"These are people that are only looking for their selfish interest and have no good intention for anyone apart from their pockets".

5. The Family Is Not Soliciting For Financial Assistance On Social Media - It is now official that the HELP accounts and groups seeking for funds to take care of Wilson Oruma are unknown to his family.

Dominic says those people can be described as fraudsters who are seeking to take advantage of the situation to enrich themselves.

"I want to use this platform to tell the general public that the Oruma family is not aware of or in association with anyone asking for money to treat Wilson.

"Those groups on Facebook are fake and Wilson would never approve of it for people to beg on his behalf for money.

"He is not that kind of person. He likes his privacy", he said.