An unusual trend was recorded in the Nigerian cyberspace on Monday, January 15, 2018.

Nigerians reacted swiftly to the announcement that sex robots fused with Human Artificial intelligence have been rolled out and put up for sale.

One sex robot costs about 800,000 Naira.

Before you start start copulating with your new toy, there are a few things you should know.

1. Barbie was based on a sex doll

In the 1950s, the Bild Lilli doll was released in Germany, a small doll based on an attractive German actress that was designed for adult men.

She did not have holes but she was quite erotic. Supposedly, this is how Barbie was inspired, so that's weird.

2. Sex dolls weigh a lot

Synthetic sex dolls can weigh as much as 115 pounds and start at around 75.

3. The RealDoll Company does manufacture male sex dolls

They only account for 10 percent of sales and there are fewer options in general (female RealDolls can be fully customized).

4) People who are super into RealDolls are called "iDollators." 

There's an entire fandom around the dolls, with some men treating them as real companions.

Most of these men say they became iDollators because they find women too difficult to deal with.

Davecat explains: 

"98 percent of the iDollators and technosexuals I know treat their Dolls like goddesses. Dolls don't possess any of the unpleasant qualities that organic, flesh and blood humans have. 

"A synthetic will never lie to you, cheat on you, criticize you, or be otherwise disagreeable." Na so!

5. Howard Stern is pretty much solely responsible for the popularity of the modern sex doll

In the '90s, he ordered a RealDoll for his show and apparently had sex with it on air. Orders for the doll skyrocketed, and the company now sells as many as 300 annually (they start at around $5,500 each).