Daniel Nwosu Jnr. (Male, 45); Friday Osuji (Male, 70); Ifeanyi Njoku (Male, 31), Mrs Adanna Iheanacho (Female, 60) and one Benjamin Okoroafor have one thing in common.

They love a local brand of dry gin popularly called Ogogoro.

But death came knocking on a day they had enjoyed their usual shots of the gin without faintest knowledge that death was in the cup.

Their deaths, which came gradually with pains, have been linked to Methanol poisoning in the local gin sold by one Uwadiegu Eze. 

According to indigenes of the community, trouble started when residents, who patronised the gin shop on Tuesday, November 14, to Friday, November 17, started having body stiffness and partial blindness which culminated in deaths.

The shop owner, Eze, fled after he was informed that consumers of his product were dying.

On getting information of the deaths, the Imo State Ministry of Health sent a team headed by the Director of Centre for Disease Control, Dr. A. Okeji, to the community.

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Upon sighting the ambulance of the state Ministry of Health, many youths, believed to be from Umunakara community and other adjoining villages who reportedly drank the local gin, queued up in their numbers, waiting to be taken to Owerri, the Imo State capital.

The fear of death had gripped them all caused by a few shots of Ogoggoro they had enjoyed.

Okeji lamented that despite the several episodes of methanol poisoning arising from local gin consumption in various parts of the country, people still patronised distillers who used methanol to boost production of the gin in order to increase their profits.

It was also learnt that eight other victims were on Saturday rushed to Uchenna Clinic, a private clinic in Owerri.


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