Three boys and two girls and a great-grandmother. They all died, just like that!

This is the extent of loss suffered by one family within 24 hours.

Until their death the siblings were said to have stayed with the grandmother in Kwette village.

It was gathered that the children ate the fruit in absence of their grandmother, but under the supervision of their great grandmother as their grandma had attended the burial of a close friend in a neighboring community.

On her return the next morning, she discovered that the children were unconscious.

She raised an alarm and the children were rushed to a clinic in the area.

Few minutes after arriving at the clinic, one of the children gave up the ghost.

Two hours later, 2 boys followed. Tragedy struck again 5 hours later when the two remaining children also died.

On hearing the death of these children, their great-grandmother under whose supervision the children ate the fruit collapsed and died.

Police officials have been deployed to the area to ascertain the cause of death while an autopsy has begun.