He is 43-years-old and the girls ages are between 9 and 13, but his quest to satisfy his sexual desire could not allow him consider their ages.  

They are minors, but Ini Udon allegedly rapped them.

Udon was reported to have molested the girls when his wife and parents of the victims were not at home.

The incident took place at Agboola close, Sango-Ota area of Ogun State.

He lured his victims into his room under the pretext of sending them on errands.

After the sexual abuse, Udon could not keep his track clean.

The mother of one of the girls noticed what looked like sperm in her pants while washing them, which aroused her curiosity.

The discovery made her to question the girl.

She told her mother that the suspect had been defiling her and two others, whenever their parents were not at home.

The fathers of the 3 girls jointly made a report at the Sango-Ota Divisional Police Headquarters.

Udoh was arrested and he is presently in police cell.