The holy month of Ramadan is when Muslims set aside to seek the face of Allah with humility and self-deprivation.

It is an annual ritual during which they go an entire day without food or drink.

There are usually a lot of effects of this solemn exercise on the larger society because of the high Muslim population in Nigeria.

In this piece, we look at some of the major changes to expect around us, particularly our social life.

1. Prices of food will soar

I still do not understand the rationale behind it and just like the analyses of naira versus dollar, the more you see the less you understand.

The only logical explanation for me is that food traders simply decide that since people will buy less food, they must maintain same daily income by selling that same less for more.

A survey by NAN on Monday at Mile 12, Iddo and Oyingbo Markets, showed that a 40kg basket of tomatoes, which previously cost N16, 500 in April now goes for N30, 000.

This is just the beginning. It is shocking, selfish and straight up evil, but then what can we do?

Food stuff prices. household commodities

2. Ladies Are More ‘Covered’

By now you know how many girls are transformed during Ramadan, starting with their dressings that change overnight.

Well, that is not about to stop this time.

Some of those bum shorts and other revealing outfits will disappear for now and you will see more hijabs on them.

Some of them are not even Muslims but are aware that their dressing may provoke Muslim men who are fasting.

How does that affect you? Well, less ladies may flirt with you or be receptive to your flirtatious advances.

Criticize all you want, but some of these ladies deserve some accolade for at least respecting the holy month.

3. Bad Business for sex workers

In 2017, research carried out by in some fun spots in parts of Lagos state revealed that some of the sex workers or runz girls had a major dip in patronage.

Why is this so when devout Muslims are not expected to drink alcohol nor patronize sex workers?

This can only mean that a lot of non-committed Muslims also join the Ramadan fast, and during this period, they avoid all their usual habits like alcohol consumption and sexual excesses.

Hoping to bribe God for forgiveness for their sins? Well, if you know one of them, ask him.


4. Quilox Will Shut Down 

I sympathize with you Lagosians who love to turn up every weekend. One of your favourite spots may not be open to business for the entire month.

Mr Shina Peller is a proud Muslim and going by his practice in the past years, he will shut down the club, Quilox during Ramadan.

He was once quoted to have said that doing this is one very exciting practice for him. So, I wonder what would change in 2018 when he is older and expected to be more committed to acts like this.

But don’t worry, the Eid-el Fitr holiday will be lit and you can trust him to help you make up for lost fun.

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