As with many annual events that require the exchange of gifts; it is quite understandable to run out of ideas on what to give next.

Fortunately for us all, Valentine’s Day is mainly about expressing love and appreciation for that special person in your life, so it is the thought that matters more.

However, if you have been racking your brain since the beginning of February, trying to figure out the best gift(s) to give your lover, let’s help you narrow down the list by sharing with you 4 Valentine’s Day gifts that will always hit the mark year in year out.

1. Perfumes: Nothing sticks to one’s memory more than a lovely fragrance. There’s more to perfumes than just smelling good – it is an identity; an expression of class and confidence. For both men and women, receiving a perfume as a gift is special and significant especially if it is a designer brand. That long lasting scent will always remind you of your lover, so that’s definitely a great reason to go for this choice of gift.

2. Lingerie: Men may not pay too much attention to what they wear underneath their clothes, but for women lingerie is not just underwear, it is the foundation of dressing up. Even babes who are not into perfumes will definitely fall in love with a pretty piece of designer lingerie. It is one of the most intimate gifts you can give a woman. However, be sure to find out her exact size before purchasing.

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3. Time piece: Not all women are fans of wristwatches but for most men, their dressing is not complete without a wristwatch. This makes a time piece an excellent choice of a Valentine’s Day gift for your man, or even woman. Although, designer brands are incredibly expensive, you can also purchase any of the not-so-popular brands that come in really swanky designs. Remember, it is the thought that matters so don’t go broke while trying to impress your lover.

4. Footwear: Whether you’re male or female, you definitely need to wear shoes at some point or the other; except of course if you live on the beach where wearing shoes is optional. It goes without saying that knowing the size of your recipient is the first step to nailing this gift. Also, take note of the kind of footwear your lover favours before buying. If you know he or she prefers sandals, go for that instead of buying ‘corporate shoes’ that they may never wear.