Nigeria’s education standard continues to decline with graduates coming out of universities without required skills and relevant knowledge.

Many reasons have been put forward for the dwindling standard but some university dons at the Kogi State Education Summit highlighted what the government should do to revive the nation's future.

The current standard of education has increased the number of unemployable young persons in Nigeria and the end is not in sight.  

1.      More Funding

In the proposed 2018 budget of 8.612 trillion Naira, the education sector got 7.30% of the 5.960 trillion Naira recurrent expenditure while 2.33% was also allocated to the sector from 2.652 trillion Naira capital expenditure.

This figure is far less than the recommended 26% allocation by UNESCO.

Professor Yakubu Ochefu, a former Vice Chancellor of Kwararafa University, reiterated the need for the government to invest heavily in education, stressing that it is not possible to use foreign aid to develop the sector.


"Education needs adequate funding, even if it means shutting down 80% of other variables to strengthen the sector. We must create finance funding for the education sector," Ochefu added.

2.     New Policies Centered On Monitoring

Introduction and implementation of learning and teaching policies and assessment to monitor the achievement of the students and teachers in schools.

Professor Steve Nwokeocha, the Executive Director, Africa Federation of Teaching Regulatory Authorities (AFTRA), South Africa, observed the near absence of meaningful monitoring assessment of teachers and pupils in terms of learning and teaching was affecting education growth in Nigeria.

3.     Student To Teachers’ Ratio

Professor Nwokeocha also said "education reform is continuous; most of the achievements the students and pupils made in education around the world is based on Students and Teachers Ratio, which has been difficult to achieve in Nigeria.

"Education makes us to be useful in life; I will like to see the sector in Nigeria where we would have a smaller students and teachers’ ratio. We also need a professional standard as a compass for the teachers".

4.     Strategic Plan

Another discussant at the event, Professor Marietu Tenuche, Dean, School of Post Graduate Studies, Kogi State University, called for a strategic plan for every level of education from primary to tertiary, saying strategic experts are needed to make the plans become reality.

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She added: “Adequate resources should be generated to achieve those strategic plans. As stakeholders, we must rethink how education should be funded. We advise governments to allocate more fund to education according to UNESCO 26 per cent standard”.

We only hope the leaders will use each kobo allocated to the sector in the 2018 budget judiciously.