“Go in peace and return with your testimonies,” the President of the Living Faith Church worldwide, David Oyedepo, told the congregation as the Sunday service heralds the end of a week-long Shiloh that started on Tuesday, December 5.

His voice was strained, yet audible. He had preached at least two times every day, delivering prophecies on the congregation at the end of each service, a routine that has taken its toll on his voice.

Christians, both those under the denomination and other churches gathered from different parts of Nigeria and the world at the Church’s headquarter in Ota for the annual programme.


The theme for these year's programme is "A New Dawn".

The programme seems to be creating and breaking records each passing year and you should know about these records.

1.       Fulfilment Of Prophecies

Bishop Oyedepo has consistently told the church members a particular prophecy which was part of the mandate he said he received from God before the ministry was formed.

Now, the hour has come to liberate the world from all oppressions of the devil through the preaching of the word of faith and I Am sending you to undertake this task", was the mandate he said he received from God on May 2, 1981.

The population of people attending the programme has continued to grow with over 1 million online viewers live on the event worldwide.

He has also consistently told the congregation that God had told him he would be in Ota and yet reach the entire nations of the world.

2.       Increasing Countries Participation

This year, at least 54 countries from around the world sent delegates to Shiloh while over 152 nations hooked up to the programme around the world.

3.       98% Increase In Attendance

The number of persons at the annual programme also increased by 98% as against the previous year’s record and this was announced by the church on Sunday at the end of the programme.

4.       Mass Production Of Bible

The Living Faith Church now has Bible printing line that produces the Holy Book under its Dominion Publishing House.

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Bishop Oyedepo is, however, not surprised about the growth that the church is recording, stressing that if were not so, he would have been surprised, because he knew the God that sent him.

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