A while back, a video of a lady slapping her beau repeatedly as he proposed marriage to her in a Lagos mall, surfaced online and immediately went viral. Sadly, that was not the first of such episodes to happen at that same location. 

Some months ago, a lady took the bold step to propose marriage to her man as everyone present quickly whipped out their phones to capture the moment. Unfortunately, the guy turned down her proposal, but luckily for her, he didn't slap her around.

Many people around the world have also experienced this sting of public embarrassment at one time or another. Public proposal fails are both funny and sad at the same time.

It takes guts and a strong conviction to declare your love for someone publicly. However, to avoid turning yourself into a laughing stock, there are 4 things you need to be very sure of before proposing to your partner in public. 

1. Be sure you're both on the same page

This should be a no-brainer but judging by the kind of negative drama that sometimes comes with public proposals, you need to be double sure that your partner loves you as much as you love him/her. If you're in a one-sided relationship, proposing marriage won't fix it. You'll just get rejected.

2. Have a conversation about marriage ahead of time

Just because you have a good relationship doesn't mean that you'll have a good marriage. Having a candid discussion about marriage with your partner will let you know their point of view about it and whether they'd like

to eventually settle down (with you) or not. 

3. Be sure you've been together long enough

Yes, we know that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson got engaged after dating for just a month, and even here in Nigeria, stories abound of various people who got engaged few months after meeting. But, it doesn't happen like that for everyone, because it takes time to actually know someone and be certain that you want to share the rest of your life with them. Take it easy, don't rush.

4. Be sure your partner loves surprises

A person who hates to be surprised would feel ambushed with an unexpected marriage proposal in public. This is the more reason to know someone well before trying this kind of stunt, or else, the outcome may not be what you were hoping for.

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