It's really interesting how the hunt for Papa J aka person wey give Linda Ikeji bele is playing out.

Linda Ikeji has put to bed and the entire social media family in Nigeria is happy for her.

But attention has moved on quickly with the search light constantly searching to uncover the identity of her Baby Daddy.

Here are 4 reasons it might just be Sholaye Jeremi.

1. The Baby's name is J.J - Jayce Jeremy

Regardless of how you choose to spell it - Jeremi or Jeremy; it's obvious there is 'Jerem' in his surname.

Linda is no dumb blonde. She is smart and as shrewd as any successful billionaire in the world.

Her recent resolve to dropping subtle hints on the identity of the father of the child has been consistent and more aggressive since she gave birth.

Perhaps her silent Instagram stabs show us where the shoe is pinching. "His name is Jayce by the way, Jayce Jeremi..."

Linda Ikeji Wants Us To Know Who Her Baby Daddy Is

She could have stopped at 'Baby J' or 'Jacye'. She was under no duress to tell us 'Jeremi' and not Ikeji would be his surname. We never asked.

2. The 'Ishekiri' Identity Was Open Bonus

Trying to smoke a rat out but being careful not to burn the entire building appears to have been the motive for this revelation.

Point at the man but do not earn his wrath.

Linda Ikeji wants you to know that the baby is not a bastard and his father has not rejected him.

But it seems the father has not accepted Linda as 'wife' either. 

There are claims or rather rumours that 40 year old Sholaye Jeremy is not ready to tie the knot or better put is not ready to tie the knot to a 38-year-old lady.

Is this a matter of preference for younger ladies or is he just not into Linda?

3. Is Linda Thirsty For Marriage?

Linda begged God for two things when she turned 37 in 2017. She says she asked to be a wife and a mum.

Strong and independent Linda Ikeji needs no man to pay her bills but she obviously enjoys the idea of family. 

Her background suggest she was brought up by both parents and she would be hoping to do same for Baby J; but at least not for now.

Linda Ikeji Wants Us To Know Who Her Baby Daddy Is

Does it add up that her determination to hide the identity of her Baby Daddy may have been from a disagreement between her and her bed mate?

Could it be a matter of principle to safeguard the identity of the young billionaire (like her) who has close ties to the Minister of State for Petroleum?

Linda loves love and loves family. But Jeremy doesn't seem to be ready to get bond to nuptial vows. 

4. Sholaye Has Not Rejected/Denied The Reports

Can the name of an influential billionaire in Nigeria be pulled into the media space without his consent? The answer is NO! 

If Sholaye wanted his name pulled out from the calculations being done by Linda Ikeji's fans and critics he would have done so by now.

Are you asking how? #ThisIsNigeria, if you know you know.

Linda Ikeji Wants Us To Know Who Her Baby Daddy Is

No even a single statement has been released by Sholaye's legal team to refute the claims and debunk such far-fetched insinuations (if they were actually insinuations in the first place).

While he continues to maintain a low profile, there might be no need for Linda to continue dropping these hints.

Perhaps seeing the baby face to face would warm his heart and remind him that Linda could be the one he has been searching for. 

But what if he is not the one for her?