Rapper, Olamide brought them to limelight in the song 'Science Students'.

Even after highlighting the problems of the already worrisome drug culture among Nigeria’s youth, the YBNL boss, was accused of promoting it.

He might have just been innocently pointing out the dangerous lifestyles adopted by some of Nigeria's future leaders.

Things like Tramadol, codeine and marijuana are some of the top choices of abuse.

Based on a report released by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency(NDLEA), and interviews conducted by Bounce News, here are 4 strange substances that 'Science Student' add to their highing formula.

1. Lizard Droppings

In the city of Kano, it's a delicacy for those addicted. It is not just cheap, it is totally free and can be found almost anywhere.

This smelly condiment according to sources who spoke to Bounce News, could be used in two ways.

It could be added to Marijuana, as it is being rolled up in paper, or it could be mixed in a liquid concoction, made up of blue dye, seeds from a fruit called Zaqami.

The use of this substance is common in Northern Nigeria, mainly because of its ready availability at no cost and it gives the desired euphoric effect.

agama lizard

2. Street Gutters

According to the Director of Christ Against Drug Abuse Ministry, Dr. Adedeji, what makes one person 'high' may have no effect on another person.

While your feeling disgusted by the odour of a messy street gutter, someone else is going on a joy ride from the putrid smell.

It's different strokes for different folks, but for people like Chinedu who has lived in a part of Kano that has many 'science students', inhaling street gutter is a serious past time.

"It's amazing how people inhale these things, I come across them on a regular basis.

"I really do not get it. I find the smell repulsive but they seem to enjoy it", he told Bounce News.

3. Home Sewage

Somebody wants to smell your feces, because it makes him happy, and takes him or her to another realm.

When inhaling street gutter does not work, another cheap and potent way for getting high for some addicts is to inhale fermented sewage from people's houses.

According to NDLEA in Kano state, this is one  of the worrisome ways young people get high, and become nuisance in society.


4. Methylated Spirit

Dr Adedeji, who regularly helps drug addicts to overcome their habits, also says that some people become addicted to inhaling methylated spirit.

He said they accidentally make the discovery and then inform their friends who also indulge in such unhealthy acts.

"People get pushed towards experimentation, someone found out that if he inhales methylated spirit it makes him high, but it does not work for everyone else", he said.

My candid advise is for you to stay away from these substances and tell your friends to do same.

The world needs more productive young people, not mental imbalanced youths that erode progress in their communities.