Not every relationship ends in ‘happily ever after’. Some are so disastrous that the only solution is to end it as quickly as possible.

A relationship that is characterized by constant fighting, distrust and insecurity is not only bad for you emotionally, but it can also damage you psychologically. If you’re in a relationship where you need to always prove yourself to your partner, there’s a huge problem.

When you find yourself constantly quarreling with your partner, it's time to re-evaluate things

Let’s share with you 4 signs that indicate you are in a toxic relationship, and it’s time for you to move on with your life.
1. You feel drained: Having to always explain every single move you make to your partner can be mentally and physically draining. Every step you take seems to be monitored and you feel controlled. This is unacceptable in a ‘normal’ relationship. Your partner should give you the benefit of a doubt without always second guessing you and making it seem like you’re forever hiding something.

2. You’re always criticized: As far as your partner is concerned, you can do nothing right. S/he jumps at the slightest opportunity to berate you and make you feel inadequate, and you also find yourself trying so hard to please him/her. This is very unhealthy in every way. Your partner should be your number one fan and should correct your shortcomings in love and not out of spite.

3. Your partner never takes responsibility for their mistakes: Somehow you get blamed for everything that goes wrong even when it’s not your fault. Your partner acts like they can do no wrong and always finds a way to wiggle out of being blamed and instead directs the accusation at you. Aside this being childish, it is also very hurtful to you and you shouldn’t have to condone such behaviour. 

4. Your needs always come last: Your partner is the front, back and centre of your relationship. Every decision is made with his/her best interest at heart, while your own needs are considered as an afterthought. If your partner can’t make you a priority, you have no business being with him/her.

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