Pregnancy is one of the things that Nigerians hold in high esteem; it is one of the most sacred aspects of our society.
That’s the reason why we treat pregnant women like mini angels and with extra care because the belief that they are in a very delicate phase of their lives has been ingrained into our minds.

Pregnancy doesn't mean weakness or a total loss of sex drive

No wonder many still believe that sex is one of the ‘rigorous activities’ that pregnant women shouldn’t have to go through. How any one arrived at this conclusion is still unknown, but what we do know is that a lot of the myths surrounding sex during pregnancy have no basis in medical science and should be completely disregarded.

Let’s go further to discuss some of the most ridiculous myths about pregnancy sex that Nigerians need to stop believing already.

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1. Pregnant women have no sex drive: This is an absolute fallacy because contrary to this belief, pregnant women actually experience heightened libidos. Pregnancy comes with fluctuating hormones, increase in breast size and blood flow to the sexual organs which causes sensitivity and arousal. The end result is an extremely pleasurable sexual experience.

2. Sex can harm the baby: Wrong again! No matter how ‘endowed’ a man might be, his sexual organ cannot touch the baby in the safety of the womb. Aside from being protected by the amniotic sac and other strong surrounding muscles of the uterus, a thick mucus plug seals the cervix, preventing infections or anything else from getting into the womb.

3. Sex in early pregnancy can cause a miscarriage: This is false. So far, there is no evidence to prove that having penetrative sex during the early stages of pregnancy can cause a miscarriage. Miscarriages are often caused by an abnormality in the fetal chromosome and have nothing to do with sex. The exception to this is if you’re having certain medical challenges with your pregnancy (such as incompetent cervix, vaginal bleeding, etc.) that could be aggravated by sex. Otherwise, you’re good to go.

4. Your baby would be covered in sperm at birth: This is impossible because as we stated earlier, the cervix is completely blocked by the mucus plug which stays in place until the pregnant woman goes into labour. The whitish substance that covers the baby at birth is called vernix, which protects the baby’s skin while in the womb.