New relationships are like sweet wine – delicious and heady!

You’ve finally found someone who likes you as much as you like him/her and you’re starting something so beautiful that could lead to so much more. All you should be feeling now is joy and satisfaction.

Look out for the warning signs at the beginning of a relationship

However, if those positives vibes are already giving way to some kind of developments that make you raise an eyebrow; then it’s important for you to pause, take a close look and see if these things can be overlooked or not.

No matter how excited you are to finally be dating again, you should never ignore these red flags in your new relationship because they could be signs of trouble for you later on.

1. S/he demands for your passwords

It’s okay if you willingly decide to share your phone, email or social media passwords with your significant other when you’ve been together long enough to trust each other with such personal details. But when your partner starts demanding these passwords after only a couple of weeks into your relationship, then something is off. It could be that s/he doesn’t trust you and wants to be aware of your every move. It’s even worse if s/he doesn’t reciprocate by sharing their passwords as well.

2. S/he calls you nasty names during arguments

Every couple fights from time to time. It’s normal. What is not normal is your partner calling you horrible names and berating you over the smallest issues. That’s a clear sign of disrespect and a hint that s/he could be dealing with a serious anger control problem. Name-calling is a very poor conflict resolution tactic.

3. S/he never has any good thing to say about their exes

Each time your new partner recounts their past experience in relationships, they always come off being the victim while their exes are evil or wicked. Nobody is a saint. It takes two to tango, so beware of someone who paints them-self as an angel and everyone else as devils.

4. S/he doesn’t want to make the relationship public

If your partner is as excited about this relationship as you are, s/he shouldn’t have a problem announcing it to the world. So if you notice your partner being sneaky about making your relationship public, then you know you’re being played.