Christmas is a period when friends and family share time together, eating, drinking and relishing the moment.

It is a time when you want to visit your parents, siblings, extended families or just be with friends. Certainly not a time to be lonely.

But what could make your friends stay away from you at a time when they should actually be rushing to see you.

Here are some reasons why you are spending this Christmas without friends.

You are broke

Christmas is a time of spending. Clothes, shoes, wrist watches, foods, drinks and lots more. When your friends know they would be offered nothing when they visit you, they would rather go to there the fun is.

They may also be avoiding you because they know you will ask them for money

They are busy with theirs

Your friends may be busy with their friends and forget about you during Christmas. It is a time when people spend time with those who are of priority to them.

5 Ways To Celebrate Christmas

Some of them may have not seen their parents or family for one year, and it is a time to do so. They have traveled out of the usual vicinity or they are busy with their visitors.

You are far from reach

Distance is one of the major reasons you are lonely this Christmas.

The friends you hang out with after office hours, or the ones you drive one hour to hook up with every Saturday to catch some game time, may not be able to take a one hour trip to your house for a visit.

Work and social life bring you guys together at a central location but when it comes to residence, you both are far apart, and Christmas is a time people do not want to stress themselves, January is around the corner and another busy year will soon start.

5 Ways To Celebrate Christmas

Pay back

If you are a type that do not visit people, you should not surprise to be alone this Christmas, one good turn deserves another.

Remember when your friend had a baby? s/he told you, but you did not go see the new born even when you promised.

Do not forget that you have not visited him since he moved to that new apartment, and that was two years ago. So why would they bother about you this Christmas? Lai lai.