Last week, smartphone maker, Infinix Mobility, launched a new range of smartphones - the Note 4 and Note 4 Pro.

It is the latest mobile device by Infinix in Nigeria.

There are quite a few differences and similarities of the smartphone with other Infinix Note series but here are the 4 things that will help maximise users' experience.

1. The Xpen: The Infinix Note 4 Pro comes with an electronic pen called the Xpen. This is the first time Infinix is launching a smartphone with a digital pen.

It is designed for young entrepreneurs and business executives to promote efficiency while limiting use of paper in the eco-system. It is also the 4th Generation of the Infinix Note Series since it was launched in 2016.

2.Super-Fast Battery Charge: As they say in some quarters, limited battery-life is the bane of smartphones. Infinix has successfully flipped the script with its latest innovation.

In the Note 4, Infinix brags of super-fast battery charge which lasts longer than all other devices in this category.

The Note 4 even has the theme: ‘5 minutes charge 250 minutes talk time’ and a battery life of 4500MAH. This means that you can charge the device for only 5 minutes and then use it for more than 4 hours talk time. So do the maths; 60 minutes charge  = I can see you smiling!

3.It comes in 2 Versions: The ‘Note 4 & Note 4 Pro’. Regardless of where you are on the economic ladder, these devices could be considered budget friendly.

The Note 4 Pro goes for 66,000 Naira. The Note 4 on the other hand has a lower price of 53,000 Naira for 16 GB and 58,000 Naira for 32 GB.

4.Powerful Cameras: The Infinix Note 4 also comes with other remarkable features such as 5.7FHD screen, 13MP AF back camera, 8MP-mega pixels front camera, Octa-core 1.3GHz 64bits, 32GB ROM, with expandable storage space to 128GB and 3GB RAM, 4G enabled and XOS 2.3.

“This is a historic moment for Infinix as we bring about a new era for our Note series,” said Bruno Li, who is the Regional Manager, Infinix Africa at unveiling in Lagos.