The issue of Mr Uche Nwosu succeeding his father-in-law, Rochas Okorocha as governor of Imo state will continue to be controversial.

This is because Nigerian politics has been structured to consider geographical, gender, ethnic and religious balance.

Therefore, the idea of one family producing governors back-to-back will not be popular.

However, Governor Rochas Okorocha’s aides continue to explain to Nigerians why this one is different.

The Special Adviser on Electoral Matters to Imo State Governor, Steve Asimobi was on TV on Thursday morning to explain why Governor Okorocha is adamant about his son-in-law succeeding him.

1. Okorocha wants order

The aide said that the Governor has invited his appointees to express his desire for orderliness in the party as he exits the government house.

He quoted the governor to have said: “In about a year, I will be exiting as governor of Imo state. I want order in my state like it’s done in Lagos, Akwa Ibom and some other states.

“I do not want us to go into an election with a divided house.”

Ironically, how less of a unifying move this endorsement is for the APC in Imo is what some members of the party are highlighting.

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2. Nwosu is qualified

Uche Nwosu had been commissioner for lands, deputy chief of staff and is now the chief of staff in Imo state.

His supporters wonder what more experience he needs to be eligible for the seat of governor, considering he also started the urban renewal project that the Okorocha government has been so proud of.

Asimobi said that the governor does what he calls an ‘assessment of appointees’ which is done in the open where everybody comes to give an account of his stewardship.

“Uche Nwosu has consistently been winning the best appointee award,” he said.

He added: “The state knows that the man is very qualified. He has competence, he has character and he has content.”

3. Okorocha wants an under-50 governor

Asimobi disclosed what Governor Okorocha told his team recently on the matter of Uche Nwosu.

The governor said, “I became governor before I became 50, so I want anyone who will become governor next to be young because I know the need for Imo state now.

“I don’t want anybody above 50 to be governor of this state, I’m not going to handover to anybody above 50.”

The question many would like to ask is, should that not be the decision of the people?

4. There is no zoning in Imo state

Some people feel it is the Owerri zone’s turn to produce the next governor but Governor Okorocha feels morally justified to overlook this.

Thankfully, his chief adviser on electoral matters has a suitable interpretation of the party’s constitution to back him up.

“There is nothing like zoning formula in Imo state. It’s the same provision we have in our constitution where they talk about spread.

“If I become governor, my deputy should come from another place, the speaker should come from another place. Was Yar’adua not from Katsina state? Is Buhari not from Katsina?

“Zoning is a lazy man’s ladder to want to climb to power,” he said.