The Coalition for Nigeria Movement (CNM) launched in Abuja on Wednesday and Nigerians wondered for how long this has been in the works.

Omoruyi Edogiawerie is a member of the CNM Steering Committee and he had a tough time trying to convince the presenters during a live TV show on Thursday morning about their sincerity.

He tried to make us believe that they are a breath of fresh air, with new good people simply inspired by a 13-page letter from one retired general to another.

But hey, we are finding it hard to buy that line and the reasons are not farfetched.


1. Nothing Has 'Changed'

They say they are here to rescue Nigeria from politicians who are just driven by power but among them are people who have tried to be President at different times.

They are using words that are similar to those used by the All Progressives Congress against the PDP in 2015.

Many Nigerians do not want to hear ‘change’ and if that is all you’ve got...Nigerians can’t help you.

2. Same Old People

“This is a gradual transition from the old to the young,” Edogiawerie said.

How will this idea of ‘newness’ sell when you look at the people behind this campaign?

What is new about former Osun state governor, Olagunsoye Oyinlola or former PDP chairman Ahmadu Ali?

Others include former PDP presidential aspirant, Dr. Abdul-Jhalil Tafawa-Balewa; former Cross Rivers State Governor, Donald Duke and former Minister under Obasanjo, Dr. Oby Ezekwesili.

These are APC and PDP members who seemed to have fallen out with their old pals for reasons we are hardly surprised about.

If anything has changed, it is just the name.

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3. They Seem To Be Playing Out A Script

Obasanjo wrote his letter on Tuesday, January 23, 2018 and just about eight days after he called for a new coalition, the CNM springs up.

And they put together a grand launch, with the top politicians who have been in government in recent years in attendance.

They had a well-designed logo printed on branded shirts, caps and all sorts of souvenirs to share among their crowd of about a thousand people.

How do you convince us that this whole coalition is not premeditated with that letter being part of the plot?

And then, Mr Edogiawerie said, “Everything that has played out in the last 24 hours was discussed in the last three to four days.”


4. They May Become A Party

They say they are not a political party but when asked what the future holds he did not rule out transforming into a political party.

Former Governor Oyinlola put it this way at the launch: “This is not a political party, at least for now. If it must turn into a political party, it must be the collective decision of all of us in the movement.

When that happens, all those who had tried to be president or governor in the past would suddenly forget their ambitions, right?

Tell us another story!

Individual ambitions will show up and it becomes a battle between those who want positions. This may just end up the same way the past political parties have.


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