What may have come across to you as a mere media stunt by Davido is quickly becoming a true love story.

It's official! Davido and his Chioma have plans for the future.

The couple have strategically won the admiration of Nigeria's Super Rich and the empathy of those of us at the lower end of the economic ladder.

Believe it or not there is 30 Billion Naira in that account and these two love birds are determined to grow that sum.

1. Anything Or Anyone Davido Touches Turns To Gold

Chioma has become a multi-millionaire in every sense of the word. 

From facts made known to the public, she owns a 45 million naira car and a cook show television deal worth at least 60 million naira.

This means she is comfortable sitting on over a 100 million naira in assets directly assigned to her in formal transactions.

2. They Are Nigeria's New Power Couple

Believe it for not Davido and Chioma are worth over 31 billion naira. They both belong to the famous '30 BILLION GANG'.

Their soocial influence as a couple has been tremendous with record deals pouring in.

Recently, Davido sign on to Infinix as a brand ambassador in a deal worth hundreds of millions. 

His Pepsi endorsement is rumoured to have double in value to over a hundred million naira and there is no stopping Omo Baba Olowo.

On Saturday, May 12th, Davido took his newest toy 'a private jet' for a spin to Sierra Leone where he was hosted by President Julius Maada Bio during his inauguration.

3. Davido Is A Very, Very Serious Business Man

There may be no official listing of assets belonging to Davido but here are a few facts and findings from our team.

Davido music label DMW is has been in the spotlight for the right reasons.

His star artistes, Mayorkun and Dremo have left many people thirsty for more hit tunes.

Even though they might not have been as successful as public expectations, Davido and his crew have been on a steady rise.

The record label is definately worth over a hundred million naira and Davido reprtedly has some investments in start-up companies in Nigeria's online media space.

The DMW boss remains a shareholder in his multi-billionaire family business and his humility and generosity remain a miracle to several families across Nigeria.

4. Chioma Has Sense

Chioma is not a regular girl. She has a humble background, earned quality education but has managed to keep her head out of the clouds.

For a relationship with arguably Nigeria's richest musical artiste that spans over 5 years, Chioma has really kept her strong personality together.

Davido children, Imade and Hailey have stayed out of negative press with Chioma accepting her place in the young billionaire's life.

Chioma could have started a social media rant with Davido's baby mamas but she had enough foresight and respect for her man to remain calm and humble.

She has earned her spot as the first lady of the 30 BILLION GANG and won over the love of the entire Adeleke family.

In fact, everyone loves Chioma.

She dresses moderately and has no sign of bleaching her skin.

She glows in her nature colour and looks like royalty. These days every Nigerian young man is looking for his Chioma 'that ride or die chic' that stands close to you no matter what.

At least you have seen her 'ASSURANCE'.