It's official, Chidinma and Kiss Daniel are a couple.

What started out as a rumour, has been confirmed by Kiss Daniel himself with a series of pictures he made available on his Instagram page.

Despite the fact that Kiss Daniel is 3 years younger than the former winner of MTN Project Fame, the 'Yeba' crooner is clearly smitten by his beau.

Bounce News brings you 3 reasons why they make the perfect couple.

1. They are both young and good-looking

chidinma and kiss daniel

Chidinma, 26 and Kiss Daniel, 23, are still in their 20's and have a long fruitful life ahead of them.

They are at that age where they can still afford to make bad decisions, and push life time decisions just a little bit further down the road. 

What's more, they're both good-looking and would definitely turn heads on any red carpet.

2. They have made a good number of love songs


They obviously both love to love, and their songs reveal this. Chidinma has sang songs like, Fallen in love, Love Me, Oyoko, All I Want Is You, Kedike, Oh Baby, Carry You Go, I'm In Luv.

While Kiss Daniel also has a string of songs that pull at the heartstrings. These include Kiss Me, 4dayz, Jombo, Mama, Woju, Upon Me, Sofa.

So when love 'jams' love, it obviously becomes a loving affair.

3. They're both in the same industry and immensely talented

Relationships anywhere are no walk in the park, and it can be even more challenging for those in the limelight. However given that they're both in the entertainment industry, they can always rely on each other to steer through the murky waters of celebrity dating and all the hazards that come with it.

Plus the vocal prowess between these two is enough to light up any room. Both established vocalists in their own right, we can totally see them making a string of hits together.

4. They have got matching tattoos

kiss daniel

As if all the other reasons above weren't enough to get us onboard the Kiss Daniel/Chidima train, they had to get matching tatoos.

To sign the seal of their love, they got matching cross tattoo's on their forearms, and showed this seal off to the rest of the world via Instagram.

We wish them all the best in their new found love.

This will definitely put an end to the rumours of Chidinma and Flavour that had been making the rounds.