One thing Obasanjo wants from African leaders is good governance that will make the continent prosper like other nations of the world.

He spoke at the public presentation of a book entitled `Making Africa Work` which he co-authored.

He believes the under-listed reasons are responsible for the continent's stagnancy.

1. Poor implementation of development policies by African governments.

He believes African governments do not lack sound development policies, but said little or no implementation of the policies remains a challenge that he wants leaders to tackle.

2. Lack of political will - Obasanjo says some leaders do not muster the right political will to implement some policies designed to address specific socio-economic shortfalls.

3. Poor funding - Obasanjo said some ambitious policies are never executed because African countries lack the resources to make fantastic ideas become reality.

4. Lack of continuity in governance - Another reason the continent has remained behind is that African leaders always reverse the working policies of their predecessors.

He highlighted that some of the reforms of his last administration, as good as they were, were reversed by successive governments which affected the course of development.

“Why do we have the problem of implementation? We are not short of good policies.

“In fact, when you go to government offices or the offices of international organisations, you will see dozens and hundreds of policy recommendations.

“So, what is the problem? I will say the problem is mainly due to leadership, lack of continuity in governance and finance.

“Let me give you specific examples in Nigeria. We came up with something called NEEDS.

“The idea is to fast track the development of the country: political, economic, infrastructural and so on.

“It contained ideas that the states could take from to facilitate their own development.

“So what happened? We have done the first phase but the administration coming after us discontinued without really understanding what it meant.

“So, lack of continuity coupled with finance and lack of political will are some of the problems,” he said.

The former Nigerian President wants African leaders to be more determined about their countries’ development goals to propel prosperity.

“Fight poverty and create opportunities through wealth creation and employment generation,” he added.