Are you broke and in need of money? Read this quickly!

You can choose to work from 8am to 5pm everyday but I can bet you won't earn so much money compared to the amount found in these strange places.

I am sure you pass at least one of these locations everyday but you hardly look close enough. Here are 4 places you should find money in Nigeria.

1. Airports - Nigerians do not know how to travel light - so the term cash lite or cashless doesn't mean anything to us. We love to see our money walking ahead of us and making things happen. Ask the EFCC is you think am wrong. They recently found 49 million Naira in cash at the new Kaduna International Airport. I am sure the cash missed its flight and was left stranded.

2. Empty Soakaways - This is quite common as your politician friends. You might be lucky to find cool cash with people like the former Air Chief Air Marshal, Adesola Amosu keeping 452 million Naira in the soakaway attached to his completed but unoccupied house in Badagry.

3. Graveyards -  I don't know much about this but Senator Dino Melaye proves to be the expert. He revealed this while talking about money stolen from the government's coffers; “Monies are not accounted for and that might be the reason why we now see petro-dollars buried in caskets and uncompleted buildings in remote villages in some parts of the country." Since he saw it, you should too.

4. Villages - This also means that rural dwellers like farmers, who live in remote areas can be rest assured that someone is hiding money near their houses. Andrew Yakubu! The former general managing director of Nigerian’s apex oil facility hid $9.8 million dollars in Sabon Tasha in Kaduna state. He said it was a mere gift! Please where are my own friends?