For most women, that time of the month can cause a lot anxiety and dread, particularly those who experience very painful cramps at the onset or throughout their period.

Not everybody is excited at the prospect of using medication even when they're down. If you're one such person, using natural remedies may be an option you might want to explore. 

Read on to find out different ways to handle that monthly pain using natural methods:

1. Drink herbal tea

Herbal teas are your best friends when it comes to dealing with cramps. Taking sips of ginger tea or chamomile tea (if you can find it) is not only therapeutic but also lessens the pain because of the anti-inflammatory properties they contain. 

2. Use a hot compress

Using a hot water bottle is another way of relieving menstrual pain. Also, it can help with speeding up the shedding of the uterine walls, reducing the time you'll spend in pain. Just place a heating pad or hot towel on your lower abdomen and relax. 

3. Drink water

Most ladies avoid drinking too much water during their period for fear of water retention and bloating, but the truth is, avoiding water at this point is a bad idea because becoming dehydrated could actually worsen your pain. Staying hydrated is important and drinking water can also help reduce the pain.

4. Exercise

As insane as this might sound, exercise is a good painkiller because the increased blood flow helps to counteract the pain causing hormone (prostaglandin) and reduces cramping. Light aerobic exercises like yoga or simply walking can greatly suppress your menstrual cramps.

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