Just incase you didn't know, ankara is the new cool.

If you're not sure how, just take a swipe through Instagram to see the funky things people now do with the fabric.

Colourful, absorbent and versatile are just some of the advantages ankara has going for it, and it appears the fashion industry is finally taking note of this.

From clothes to bags, and even shoes, ankara has taken the front seat in ready-to-wear fashion, and we couldn't be more excited by this trend.

So, if you're looking for inspiration on how to rock ankara pieces, these 4 Instagram accounts have some great style content worth checking out.

1. Sgtcclothing: ready-to-wear line, Sgtcclothing has an array of interesting options from dresses to blouses and bottoms.

2. Ankaracollections: if you're loving the ankara trend and looking for how to infuse it to your wardrobe then you should follow this account as it curates stylish pieces, including clothing and accessories. 

3. Asoebibella: Unarguably one of Nigeria's most followed fashion-centric Instagram accounts, Asoebibella curates the hottest, trendiest styles satisfying every fashion lover's style.

4. Shopzuvaa: actually a marketplace for ankara inspired pieces, Shopzuvaa showcases some of the hottest ready-to-wear designers both within Nigeria and other African countries.