2017 was a momentous year for the Nigerian music industry.

From music videos that were properly done to foreign collaborations that led to global nominations and awards.

Davido, Wizkid and Burnaboy had international collaborations, while labels like Temple Music and Mavin Records signed distribution contracts with Jay Z’s Roc Nation.

These great strides are not an excuse for the musicians to relax, because we are a long way from arriving.

Nigerian artistes can achieve remarkable things in 2018.

Here 4 ingredients that could transform the industry from good to great.

1.   Visual Albums


Visual albums have been around for a while from Micheal Jackson’s ‘Moon Walker’ to R. Kelly’s  ‘Trapped In The Closet’, but Beyonce’s  2013, ‘Lemonade’ ushered a new era of “watching” an album.

The visual album is still a developing genre, which combines music and visuals with a storyline; qne ‘Lemonade’  is made up of these three elements.

A Nigerian artiste, producing an amazing music video for every single song on his album, and releasing them at the same time will have kicked off a new trend.

2.    Musicians Earn Their Royalties


One thing that is on every musicians’ wish list is to be paid what is due to him or her in royalties.

Due to a non-existent royalty system in Nigeria, musicians miss out on another opportunity to make money from their creativity.

The Copyright Society Of Nigeria (COSON), has tried to create a system for musicians to get royalties due to them, but that has not been successful.

This year entertainers should get paid- Efe Omorogbe are you listening?

3.    Conceptual Concert


Falz and Adekunle Gold had two of the best concerts of 2017.

‘The Falz Experience’  and ‘One Night Stand’ provided fans with organic and seamless performances.

It showed how much work and thought was put into its organization.

Falz and Adekunle Gold took their time to create themes and innovative ways of putting their concerts together.

For example, some of the fans got to dress like Falz, complete with the beard and glasses to have a better feel of the ‘Falz Experience’.

In 2018, Show promoters and production companies need to hire personnel, that can deliver well organized shows, that follow a concept and theme.

Originality ko isi!

4.    ‘Song-umentaries’

jay z

This year we want to see albums that are based around themes. Tell a memorable story don't just sing a song; create art.

Nigeria is never lacking a ‘topic of discussion’- from domestic violence, to love, to bad governance  and fuel scarcity.

Jay Z and Beyoncé’s Lemonade’ and ‘4:44  were based around a theme- The problems in the marriage.

It would make a sweet year in the music industry, if a musician can intentionally create an album that has a specific theme.

Musicians please make 2018 very delicious