Reading is one thing that everyone needs except the individual does not want to feed his/her mind productively.

Students and workers alike need to read because like the wife of the Nigerian Vice President said, the solution to Nigeria’s challenges may just be hiding in one of the books around.

Reading culture has continued to decline and many have blamed lack of time for their poor reading levels.

Reading is a habit consciously formulated like every other habit.

If you have been finding it hard to read because of your tight schedule; these four techniques could help you.

1.       Read With Dead Times

Living in some Nigerian cities and making out time to read are usually a tough one for most persons, but one thing that could help is reading with dead times.

Dead time here refers to times that an individual is less active - time in traffic and time on a queue.


In Lagos for instance, an individual can make use of the period spent in traffic especially during the AM and PM rush hours.

Instead of talking and complaining about the traffic, that time could be used to glance through some pages of a book.

Endeavour to go with a pen or marker to mark salient points you identify. This requires that you take a book with you everywhere you go. 

Having the book alone makes you want to read it. 

2.       Download e-book copies

Copies of some books are available online as e-books that you can download on your mobile device and read anywhere you are.

It is difficult to read with mobile phones, but if the phone is held horizontally, with the screen rotated, it would be easier for you to zoom in on the text.

great ways to read and get result with tight sched

Avoid letting the texts become too big that you will have to scroll from end to end to read a line. Reading becomes boring when that happens.

The challenge with reading with a mobile phone is that there are intermittent distractions as messages pop-up.

3.       Buy A Kindle Reader

If the text on a mobile phone is too tiny for you to read, buy a Kindle reader that can display these texts big enough to make reading more interesting.

This device could also be used during dead time.

great ways to read and get result with tight sched

4.       Use Audio Books

Another interesting way to gain knowledge these days is listening to audio books while also doing some other activities on the go.

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For instance, while driving you can use that dead time to listen to an audio book and that is a nice way of registering something on your subconscious mind.

You can download the audio version of any book you want to read and listen to it on your mobile device. 

Apply these techniques and see how much books you can read in a short period of time. 

Knowledge is important for the development of our minds.