In as much as December 25 of every year has the same 24 hours as the other days on the calendar, it is often treated as a special day even for non-Christians.

Traditionally, Christmas is seen as the commemorative birthday celebration for the birth of Jesus Christ but as always, people celebrate the day in diverse ways and it means different things to different people.

As part of the Bounce News Season Celebration Specials, we highlight 4 Exciting Ways To Enjoy Christmas Day.

1. Avoid too many commitments

5 Ways To Celebrate Christmas

Christmas Days are usually loaded with different activities from church services to several parties, shows and family gatherings among many other programmes.

But you don’t have to do everything on your calendar. You are in control! Remember, you can’t be everywhere at the same time. Even the traffic is light on the road, you cannot only attend so many family dinners, drive so far, and give so much. Just like your money, you have limits with your time.

Be honest and reasonable about what you can handle and speak up if it’s too much to juggle. Instead of going to five Christmas gatherings, pick one or two.

Prioritize your family’s time and only commit to what you want to do. It’s all about quality, not quantity.

2. Stay healthy

Christmas breeds plenty food and drinks in most cases, however being sick at Christmas time is the absolute worst, so do what you can to avoid it!

Don’t eat too much and get knocked down with stomach ache or constipation or mix different genre of drinks that would have adverse effect.

The summary is to eat and drink smartly.

Also, don’t burn the candle at both ends by staying up late and getting up early. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep this season.

5 Ways To Celebrate Christmas

3. Christmas movie night

Everyone has a favourite Christmas movie, so why not invite a few of your friends round or gather up the family and arrange a Christmas movie night?

The rules are this: everyone should bring one Christmas movie they love and a Christmas treat.

Then you just need to sit back and enjoy It’s A Wonderful Life, Love Actually or, for those more action-packed movie fans, Die Hard.

5 Ways To Celebrate Christmas

4. Window shop

Take a stroll and enjoy the stunning holiday window displays.

Big city stores across the metropolis are known for their fabulous and fanciful Christmas displays and smaller town centers often have fun displays, too.

A woman looking at the clothes in a boutique windo

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