Now that they have a new manager in Spanish man, Unai Emery, shall we say good times are here again at Arsenal?

Most of us would admit that this is a better choice than hiring a rooky coach all because he once played for the club, but then is this a proof that all will now change for good?

Dear Arsenal fan, if I were you, I will manage my expectations wisely and here are few facts about him that should make you do so.

1. He has not done well abroad

Emery’s major successes have been in his home country with Valencia and Sevilla.

After a successful time with Valencia, Emery headed to Russia with Spartak Moscow where he was sacked after a disappointing run of results.

He had to return to Spain to taste what success felt like again and that was when the Europa League heroics came with Sevilla.

Also in France, the story isn’t too good because he was charged with the responsibility to win the Champions League for PSG but was unable to.

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In fact, the round of 16 became his usual bus stop.

You can say he succeeded because he swept the domestic cup titles, but then that should be the least for any coach with the kind of money available in that club.


2. He struggles in Champions League

Asides Emery’s Champions League failures at PSG, its important to note that he never went beyond his usual bus stop with Valencia and Sevilla.

It’s easy to talk about his fairy tale three consecutive Europa League wins but he seems more like a coach who lacks the capacity to do it at the biggest level.

Emery's collapse vs Barcelona in the Champions League in 2017, despite a 4-0 lead, with Barcelona dramatically winning 6-1, remains a damaging result to his reputation.


3. He is another economic manager

For Arsenal fans, one of the major sins of Arsene Wenger was refusing to spend big on top players and settling for top four finish as his trophy.

Its scary to note that Emery has same record from his Valencia days where he managed to keep Los Che in the top 3 during a four-year spell.

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Despite crushing financial restrictions, Emery managed to guide the club to sixth, third, third again (despite the club selling David Villa and David Silva in the same summer) and another third-placed finish before departing.

Although Arsenal may spend a little more, we would be right to assume this shows the board is happy to have another lees-spending manager.

Arsenal fans better get ready for a fourth-place finish again.

4. Unimpressive record against Premier League managers

Emery is familiar with Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho as well as Mauricio Pochettino from his time managing Valencia but has never gone up against Antonio Conte.

Overall record against Pep: Played 10, Won 0, Drawn 4, Lost 6; Goals For 7, Goals Against 22, Goal Difference -15.

Overall record against Jose Mourinho: Played 4, Won 0, Drawn 1, Lost 3; Goals For 5, Goals Against 11, Goal Difference -6.

Overall record against Pochettino: Played 6, Won 4, Drawn 1, Lost 1; Goals For 9, Goals Against 8, Goal Difference +1

Overall record against Klopp: Played 1, Won 1, Drawn 0, Lost 0; Goals For 3, Goals Against 1, Goal Difference +2

Be honest about it, you would have wished he had a better record against Guardiola and Mourinho.

Pray Arsenal fans, just pray.

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