You see, you cannot just go and start digging anywhere because you suspect there are mineral resoirces there.

There are processes and legitimate ways of doing so.

Perhaps these Chinese nationals had no idea or they were overcome by greed, and now they have to face the full wrath of the law for engaging in illegal mining.

The 4 Chinese nationals, along with 16 other suspects were on Wednesday arrested by a combined team of army and police officers.

The suspects were arrested at the Emzoky African Resources mining site at Unuhu, Abakaliki Local Government Area (LGA) by a combined team of the Army, Police and members of the State Neighbourhood Watch.

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The Senior Special Adviser (SSA) on Internal Security to Gov. David Umahi, Dr Kenneth Ugballah, said after the arrest that the host LGA and the state government were not aware of the miners’ activities.

“The illegal miners’ nefarious activities adversely affect the state’s economy as funds that are supposed to accrue to the government from mining are lost.

“I appeal to the people, especially those from mining areas to report the activities of such miners to the government or relevant security agencies for appropriate actions.

“We all should collaborate to check the continued loss of revenue from our God-given resources and ensure that the future of our children is not mortgaged by illegal mining activities,’’ he said.

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