How do you really know your Nigerian man loves you?

Nigerian men are not known for being very vocal about their feelings unlike their Western counterparts.

They like to act all macho and in charge which sometimes puts them in trouble. To many Nigerian guys, saying the words, “I love you” is like stripping naked and walking around in a market square in broad daylight. That level of vulnerability is just too much for their ego to handle.

But do Nigerian guys fall in love? Oh yes, they do! So how can you tell if they won’t say those three important words? Read on to find out the adorable tactics they use instead.

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1. He involves you in decision making: And not just decisions on trivial issues but on matters that are important to him or concerns his future. If he’s making long term plans and seeking your opinion and input, that’s his subtle way of letting you know he’s with you for the long haul and not just for now.

2. He cooks for you: A lot of Nigerian guys have a strong aversion to kitchens because they grew up in households where only their mothers and sisters cooked, so getting into the kitchen to rustle up a meal for themselves is not an option. But imagine getting home from work one evening and boom; your man came home before you, cooked and even set the table for you. My dear, coming from a Naija guy that gesture is pure love.

3. He holds your hand: Nigerian guys are not big on PDAs, so it’s a huge deal for him to hold your hand in public where everyone can see. That’s his way of letting you know he’s proud to be your man and he wants everyone to know it too.

4. He confides in you: As stated earlier, Nigerian guys are not the best at sharing their most intimate thoughts so for your man to open up to you and tell you deep things he probably has never told anyone before, then you best believe he’s 100% all in with you. Only a man who loves you would tell you his secrets knowing you could use it against him, but that’s his way of proving to you that he has completely surrendered to you.