At least 30 people were killed when gunmen in army uniform stormed the Intercontinental Hotel in Afghanistan capital, Kabul.

Eyewitness said the gunmen entered the hotel through the kitchen at about 9pm local time on Saturday.

Demanded for food, and after eating, started shooting.

14 foreigners are confirmed dead, with the figure expected to increase. Some hotel staff, Afghan nationals and security officers also lost their lives.

Three attackers were also killed in the siege, officials said. Ten people, including four civilians, were injured.

Kabul police told the BBC that nine Ukrainians, one German, one Greek and one Kazakh citizen had been confirmed dead. Two have yet to be identified.

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The Intercontinental is a state-owned hotel - not linked to the global hotel chain of the same name - which often hosts weddings, conferences and political gatherings.

"They were wearing very stylish clothes. They came to me and asked for food. I served them the food and they thanked me and took their seats. Then they took out their weapons and started shooting the people." Eyewitness said.

"There were dozens of dead bodies lying around me."

Security has been tightened in Kabul since last May, when a huge truck bomb killed at least 150 people.

However, there have been several attacks in recent months. They include a bomb at a Shia cultural centre last month that killed more than 40 people.

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