The Science and Technology Expo 2018 is holding in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital and the winners are getting a scholarship from the Federal government. 

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo was at the event on Monday and he reeled out the current administration’s plans for the science and technology sector.

Professor Osinbajo is optimistic that the administration will build a better future for the country using innovations in science and technology.

He announced that President Muhammadu Buhari had approved a science and technology road-map 2017 to 2030 to drive the initiative.

According to him, the Federal Government plans to strengthen the technology and innovation ecosystem by supporting the development of innovation hubs in partnership with the private sector.

“This is well on course; we have recently completed a competitive selection process for the private sector entities which will implement and manage the hubs.


"Each of these hubs will focus on solving the market challenges peculiar to the region of the country in which it is located.

"Perhaps more importantly is that we are collaborating with the Bank of Industry with a civic hub, a private hub, and other private sector entities to run a presidential technology innovation challenge in all Nigerian universities, public and private and some polytechnics in April,” the Vice President told the gathering.

After the event, each university winner would be invited to an awards event to be hosted by Buhari at the presidential villa. 

Greater beneficiaries will be the first three winners, as the Vice President announced that they had been granted full scholarships up to Phd level in any science-related discipline of their choice in Nigerian universities.

In the plan also is the creation of technology hubs in universities in the six geo-political zones.

The Vice President emphasised the need to celebrate the achievements on Nigerians at home and abroad in the science and technology sphere as well as the creativity of the nation’s military.

He recalled the Air Force had demonstrated the drive to innovate by launching the very advanced Un-manned Arial Vehicles (UAV) to add to an earlier production of a revolutionary version diaphragms used in fighter gets.

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According to him, the fifth executive order signed by Buhari aimed at boosting programmes that had science, engineering and technology components.

He said that the order outlawed the use of foreign contents where the local counterparts were available and urged ministries, departments and agencies to align with the order to achieve its lofty objectives.