So, one of your last quarter targets is to find companionship and start dating again in 2019. Not to worry, its not too late to meet that person.

Christmas and the festivities that come with it offer some of the best ways to find your kind of guy or babe.

If you’re thinking this will be about the usual boring way guys and ladies form activity to get noticed, you’re getting it wrong already.

This is about placing yourself in a position to choose, not waiting to be chosen.

So, lets all pay attention.


1. Go To Church Programmes!

Take it or leave it, church is a good place to meet people.

They tell you it is a place for spiritual rehabilitation but what is your spiritual growth without emotional stability?

This season will see a lot of churches hosting special events like Christmas carol, year-end retreats, picnics and many more.

The best part is that many like minds are back home for the holidays and you can as well start sieving through. Halleluyah!

christian worshipers

2. Join A Group Outing

The best thing about group outings is that they are usually attended by people who already have a few things in common.

All you have to do is see what they have in common and decide if these things align with your lifestyle or an area you would like to explore.

Are they all movies buffs, Arsenal fans, IT geeks, wine lovers...etc? There will always be something you don’t mind being part of.

Don’t bother about knowing everyone in the group. Only one of them needs to invite you. After all, the idea is to know more people and possibly, get a boo.

3. Large Concerts Won’t Help Much

This is not to say the chances of finding a potential boo at a Davido or Olamide concert is zero, but trust me, you’re better off with one of those local charity events, or the street carnivals.

Guess what, you don’t even have to attend within your locality. Ask a friend about the special classy events happening in their neighbourhoods.

Pick carefully, consider the caliber of people in those areas, consider safety and security and have fun.

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