One of the things singles (especially ladies) dread the most when it comes to getting married, is having to deal with in-laws; particularly the mother-in-law.

Thanks to Nollywood and our very own Mama G (Patience Ozokwor), we have been programmed to believe that our future mother-in-law is to be feared even before meeting her.

Plus, the real-life experiences of some married people whose mothers-in-law seem to derive pleasure from tormenting them, has done nothing to eliminate this fear either.

But the truth of the matter is, you can actually live peacefully or have a very cordial relationship with your in-laws. Everybody is not cut from the same cloth, and you need to get to know them before you start judging them.

Here are 3 tips to help you navigate this delicate territory that you must encounter in marriage.

1. Have an open mind: First things first, don’t judge your in-laws before even meeting them. Delete all stereotypes you may already have in your head. Some people believe that certain people treat their daughters-in-law or sons-in-law a certain way if they don’t come from the same tribe. Well, Nigerians are very good at spreading hearsay so don’t let anybody cloud your judgment with ‘dem say, dem say’. Keep an open mind and hope for the best.

2. Make an effort to be likeable: Okay, we’re not saying you should turn yourself into an actress or a clown, but you need to be on your best behaviour when meeting and getting to know your in-laws. Yes, they should accept you for who you are, but if you show up acting all stuck-up or loud, they may have a certain impression about you that may not be entirely correct. And don’t forget you only have one chance to make a first impression. Make it a good one.


3. Set boundaries: This could be done before or after you and your partner are married. Discuss with each other and decide whether you would want any family members to live with you or not, and how long they can stay when they visit. What are they allowed to or not to do in your home? This may not be an exciting topic to discuss but it is necessary in order to avoid any irreparable clashes later on.

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