One of the highlights of the Christmas season is gift sharing, which is why lots of people spend months agonizing over what to buy for whom.

The key to choosing the right gift is knowing what the each person wants. If you’re lucky, your loved ones or besties could tell you exactly what they want but if not, you’ll have to figure it out by yourself.

It's the season of giving

Try to figure out what they like on a regular day and capitalize on that. It could also be something they’ve been hoping to get for themselves but have never gotten around to actually getting.

These 3 tips will surely come in handy in helping you choose the perfect gifts for the special people in your life this Christmas.

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1. Create a list: Make a list of what each person likes and narrow them down to the ones you feel are most important or relevant. You can further slash the list to one or two items that you can actually afford and go for that. Be sure to choose items that are durable which can still be useful to the recipient even after the holidays. Your giftee will surely appreciate the thoughtfulness and your effort as well.

2. Choose ‘needs’: When gift shopping, it’s best to find out what the person you’re gifting truly needs and let that information inspire your choice. For instance, perhaps your mother-in-law recently remarked about needing a new dough mixer but couldn’t afford it. Carry out an investigation and be sure that she hasn’t placed an order for one or someone else isn’t already planning to buy it for her, then purchase it and give to her as a Christmas gift. She would cherish that more than if you’d gifted her a new set of casserole dishes.

3. Be inspired: You can draw inspiration from the recent happenings in the lives of your recipients. For example, if a friend of yours just had a bay recently, you could gift a set of baby clothes or a baby blanket which would obviously be useful for the infant. Or even gift your close friends something that would remind them of their childhood, like a pocket size Tetris game or frame an old picture of you guys together as little kids.