Sometimes it is not easy to live without stress, but attention should be given to what these stressors are and you should begin to do away with them before you age. 

Harvard Medical School, in a report on stress management at old age, pointed out that while stress certainly isn't easy to manage at any age, it can become more difficult to cope as you get older for a number of reasons.

1. Your body can't physically handle stress the same way it did when you were younger.

2. Your heart and lungs may not have the capacity they once did, and your body may have a harder time recovering from stressful events.

3. The publication put together by two medical doctors Hope Ricciotti and Hye-Chun Hur, stated that it may be more challenging to cope with stress mentally at old age.

They further said that stress may also be caused by different factors, which could be more complicated than the issues you faced in your younger years.

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According to them, the signs of stress may mimic symptoms of memory loss or dementia or include appetite changes, headaches, anxiety, irritability, or trouble concentrating.

On what an individual could do to reduce stress, the doctors suggested that a good night's sleep can help in some instances, but expressed concerns that as you age, you may not sleep as soundly, which can lead to higher levels of stress hormones in the brain.

Manage stress by using relaxation techniques, getting involved in community activities, taking care of yourself, eating right, getting enough sleep, and sticking to other healthy habits.

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