If you are a regular commuter in Lagos, you must have become very conversant with the everyday Lagos Traffic. The peculiarity of the traffic makes it stand out.

A few years ago, a popular Nigerian comedian jocularly said it was possible to cook a pot of soup in a typical Lagos traffic.

Although it sounded funny that time, it is, in fact, now a reality. A typical Lagos traffic can be likened to a market. 

These are some of the things you cannot miss from most Lagos traffic.

1) Street Traders and Hawkers

Street trading has become an integral part of the Lagos hustle.

Incessant traffic jams and congestion provide a ready market for sellers to provide their goods and services to commuters. 

The mobile traders on major streets and highways are predominantly young men. On their shoulders, they bear everything from drinks and sausage rolls to floor mats and bed linen. 

Fruit sellers, mostly women, hang around pedestrian bridges and bus stops: wherever the gridlock will make selling more profitable.

Buying on the street is particularly convenient for car and bus commuters, who can spend several hours in traffic. 

2) Beggars

They are on the streets, at every corner, on the major roads, under the bridges, in shanties, in the traffic, you can’t miss them. They come in different faces, colour and caliber, age and sex is no barrier, and you see them with little children, twins and triplets. Many even pretend to be sick as they prey on the emotion of people in order to get them to part with their hard earned money.

Begging takes place in different shades and forms. They also prey on the sick, the old and the handicapped as they use them to attract the attention of passersby while begging for alms. It is not uncommon to see women with babies, twins or triplet in the scorching sun begging for alms. They do not only abuse the rights of these children but also expose them to danger and risk their lives as they take them through traffic begging for alms.

The professional beggars have honed their acts so well that they sometimes put up public performances such as sudden fainting spells, cardiac attacks, asthmatic attacks and the likes to deceive unsuspecting passersby just to get their attention and eventually get them to part with some change.

3) 'Screen Wipers'

As soon as your car halts in traffic, they swing out from everywhere with their brushes and soap set to wipe your dusty windscreen at a cost anyway. They are always kids between the ages of 7-15 and you wonder why are they are not in school.

They have perfected the act of strategically positioning themselves very close to your car and get to work as soon as the car stops sometimes without your permission.

Some of them are lucky to get paid for their service while some others are ignored by the car owners particularly if the service was not asked for.

In all, there is no traffic like the Lagos traffic. Eko oni baje o!