It is a season of multiplication and two women will add four babies to Nigeria’s teeming population.

Popular Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji and Precious Fani-Kayode, the wife of former Nigerian Minister of Aviation, are expecting babies.

Given their status, both pregnancies attracted significant attention in the media. Here's 5 things we know about 

There are a few similarities and differences that we know about these expectant women and their state right now.

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linda ikeji and precious fani-kayode pregnancies

1.       The Time Remaining For Child Birth

While we have predicted that Linda could give birth either late July or early August, due to her comment about knowing the sex of the baby and missing her period, Precious on the other hand said she was 22 weeks before April 23 when she lost her mum.

She took the pictures before the mother died, according to her statement about the picture on her Instagram page.

If she was 22 weeks in April and the average pregnancy lasts 40 weeks – give or take – she is likely to give birth the same period with Linda.

linda ikeji and precious fani-kayode baby bump

2.       The Number Of Babies Coming

Linda is expecting a baby boy, while Precious is expecting triples which means these two women will give Nigeria four more children which adds to the nation’s population that is soaring and catching the eyes of investors who see goldmine in this over 190 million population.

linda ikeji and precious fani-kayode baby bump

Precious Fani-Kayode is expecting triplets while Linda is expecting a boy.

3.       The Babies' Daddies

One other thing we know about their pregnancies is that Precious’s husband, Mr Femi Fani-Kayode, also posted his wife’s images on his Instagram page.

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While Nigerians know Linda's fiance is responsible, we are yet to know who the mystery man is. All they know is that she is engaged to an ex flame based in the United States. We do know one thing for sure though, it's definitely not Don Jazzy's baby given his cheeky ''It wasn't me'' comment on social media.