Bike accidents don’t just occur and Yusuf Buhari’s experience may not be without a popular cause.

There are three things that could have led to the accident that resulted in the President's son breaking a limb and sustaining head injury.

Sweet Gwarimpa Road

Gwarimpa, is the last district located in the Abuja Municipal Area Council. It contains the largest single housing estate in Nigeria, called the Gwarimpa Housing Estate. This estate has both the rich and average Nigerians living there and that has also ensured that the government made provision for good road in the area.

This good roads in Gwarimpa make people like Charly Boy find it easy to ride around the area in ecstasy. 

It is one thing that must have attracted the son of the President to the area. 


He may have come to prove to some other power bike users in the area that he could also ride his bike like Charly Boy whom of recent have staged protests to force the current administration to take action against some ills. The latest is the demand for more action in setting Nigerians that are now slaves in Libya free.

This sweet roads in Gwarimpa could have triggered over-speeding that eventually resulted in an accident.

Non-Compliance With Use of Helmet

Some years ago there was a rule established, making the use of helmet compulsory for power bike users and even commercial motorcyclists popularly called Okada.

Compliance to this rule is believed to have life-saving effect, ensuring that individuals do not sustain life threatening injuries in their head in case there is an accident.

If Yusuf Buhari complied with this rule, it is not certain. If he did,, then there may not be something to worry about as regards the head injury which will be very minor. But if he had the helmet strapped, they may not have been reports of head injury at all and that is another angle to the situation. 

Christmas Celebration Influence

It is festive period and one thing that also influences over-speeding and poor judgement for bike users is the use of intoxicants like alcohol and other related drugs.

The Boxing Day accident may have been as a result of the excitement that goes with the season. 

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Yusuf Buhari may not have taken an intoxicant but there are tendencies that a third party in the accident may have taken a little in the midst of the celebration.

There is need for proper investigation into the incident to ensure that the cause of this accident is ascertained and persons punished for reckless driving or riding if need be.