The saying about teachers and their reward being in Heaven seems to be loudest in Nigeria - ask ASUU!

Teachers in government schools also appear to even have more of this reward in heaven, than those in the private-owned institutions.

Majority of Nigeria's 180 million population attend public schools that are also considered of lower standards.

The effect of socio-economic hardships that they face are usually born by the students. 

In other to cover up the short fall, some of these teachers put up bold and fearful faces distracting the lesson which should be learnt inside and outside the classroom.

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Sometimes, these teachers are seen as demi-gods to the extent that students hardly go near them.

Those who do, come before them with uncertainty and fear in their hearts.

This have created a gulf between the teachers and the student, leading to 3 things.

1.       Students hardly buy gift for their teachers. If you bought one for that nice teacher what happened to the others?

2.       Students in Nigerians hardly see the need to take their teachers’ contacts, except when they want to make a request.
Calling to know how they are doing is not a bad idea. They are humans too and they need care.

3.       You can hardly find Nigerians praying for the well being of their teachers. At least pray that your teacher will be in his/her right senses to teach you good stuffs and not nonsense.


When students do these things, they go a long way to motivate the teacher.

Even the Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Idiat Adebule, on Thursday highlighted that experience has shown that teachers performed better and contributed to national development when they were well-motivated.

She told a gathering at the celebration of the 2017 World Teachers’ Day in Lagos.

Adebule represented Governor Akinwunmi Ambode at the event.

The theme for this year’s celebration is: “Teaching in Freedom, Empowering Teachers” and the current Lagos State administration has approved the recruitment of additional 500 teachers to meet the population of the students and reduce workload on teachers.

“Our administration will continue to consolidate on reforms initiated to adequately empower and reward our teachers.

“Teachers should not start enjoying the fruit of their labour only when they get to heaven, they must first earn and relish their rewards while here on earth,” she said.

Did I hear you ask how are teachers in Osun State?

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