Lagos State Governor Akinwunmi Ambode has justified the decision of the state government to shut down the Olusosun dump site in Ojota after a fire outbreak.

The fire erupted at the site last Wednesday, due to environmental factors which had necessitated deployment of state fire service on 24 hour operation to prevent any ugly situation.

Officials of the Lagos State Fire Service and Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) had struggled to put out the fire that consumed eight vehicles and destroyed property worth millions of naira.

Here are three takeaways from the governor's visit

1) The location of the facility is no longer healthy

While addressing scavengers and other workers at the site on his second visit after the outbreak of fire, Governor Ambode said the location of the facility is no longer healthy both for trading activities and residents living in the neighbourhood.

2) The site is risky and susceptible to all forms of hazards

Aside the negative health implication of the site to the people, the governor said that the structure of the facility is also risky and susceptible to all forms of hazards like the fire outbreak.

However, as the smoke keeps pervading the air for days, residents around the dumpsite risk health harzards if it is not contained on time.

3) The site is permanently shut down

The governor said, “What we have decided now is that there will not be dumping of refuse here any longer. But the most important aspect of it is that I cannot open my eyes and allow diseases to befall you here. At the end of the day, it is the government that will still care for you. So, we have to sit down and agree.

“I have not come to disturb you; what should be removed will be removed; we are not dumping waste here again. What will benefit all the people here is my concern. But we have to take it one after the other and we want all your leaders to cooperate with us.”


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