African Starboy, Wizkid, has revealed how he selects dancers for any of his video shoots.

It has become his  responsibility as he is particular about the specifics of any woman that appears in his videos, especially as dancers.

He revealed this in an interview, where he clearly stated that there are certain criteria a woman must possess to be his dancer.

Here are 3 things to posses to becoming Wizkid's dancer.

1.The first thing is she has got to be African, and it’s not racism, its just ownership of his continent and acceptance of what it has.

2.The second thing is that you have to know how to dance, like really dance.

3. The last thing you should posses to make it on a Wizzy video is a big butt.

In summary, your backside should be big enough for "Daddy Yo" to consider you.

So if you’re African, can move your body rhythmically to the sound of the beat and your backside is “twerkable”, you're fit for Wizkid's music video.