Do not mess with a Naija babe.

While you are busy looking for her best attributes on your first date, she is busy trying to find out your worst.

If you think looking away from her breasts or buttocks gives you an 'A', forget it, she knows you want a piece of that and she’s past deceiving herself.

They are attributes as crazy as the way you chew, the colour of your nails and everything that you easily take for granted.

Everyone has an opinion about dating, but as far as a first dates are concerned, some behaviors are simply unacceptable across cultures and races.

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If you are hanging out with a lady for the first time or meeting her for the first time, you must know that what you do during those few minutes or hours can determine how far you go with her.

Dear Naija guys, take these three points seriously, use them and thank me later.

1. Looking at your phone too often

One of the easiest ways to piss off a lady is to constantly remind her you could be doing something else with the time you are spending with her.

She already knows you’re the busy type, must you rub it in?

Hello...she is busy too. You cannot be fiddling with your phone all the time and expect her to feel comfortable.

The worst is when you show your priority is to get entertained. If you know you get easily distracted, do not agree to a date when your favorite team is playing.

Proper attention to a woman makes her feel how precious she is to you.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, we all like being shown some attention even when no strings are attached.

It feels good naturally and hurts when we are shown that other things are more important.

2. Awkward silence

Trust me, it is no shame preparing yourself for this date if you intend to take the friendship to another level without hard labour.

You can get lucky with a lady who is indifferent about you being boring but most of the times, women like us witty and smart.

You cannot afford to bore your date with silence. Prepare some jokes, pleasant lines, and intelligent questions.

The simplest thing to do is to make yourself the object of the joke; you have had some funny experiences in the past, haven’t you?

I understand, many men get nervous when they face their dream girls but if you don’t want her to remain in your dreams, make the first date worth her time.

3. Talking too much about money

You can impress a money loving woman by bragging about how much money you have.

She will love your money and I guess that is good enough, since you don’t need her to love your person.

On the flipside, if you try to be humble by showing you’re broke, you already look like a pathetic loser.

But when you discuss your dreams for the future; like where you want to see yourself in five years, you make her see the coordinated man in you.

If she later discovers that you already have a lot of money, it makes you the man that is driven and can spring more surprises in future.

And if what she later discovers is that you are penniless at the moment, at least she can tell that you have hope, based on the dreams you shared.

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