Juliana 'Toyo baby’ Olayode who was a co-star in Jenifa Diaries, by age  22, has released an autobiography.

In the book, she made some revelations of things that shaped her life and why she left Jenifa’s Diary.

Titled 'Rebirth From Grass to Grace', she spills the good, bad and ugly secrets.

Here are 3 shocking things she said.

1.    She was lost her virginity to her married music teacher at 17

Juliana, who turned 22 in June, and preaches remaining a virgin until marriage, said she lost her virginity when she was 17-year-old to a married man.

She also said she was  brainwashed with the promise of marriage by the much older adult.

The actress also give a detailed account of how she did not bleed during the painful sexual encounter in a cheap hotel.

2.    She was sexually abused by her pastor

As if the pains from the teacher were not enough, Juliana who is a ‘born-again’ Christian got defiled again by a self-acclaimed Man of God.

According to her this happened in the Church office after he claimed God informed him that she needed a spiritual bath.

He put her on the ‘spiritual bathroom’ in his office and anointed her head, and eyes, did the sign of the cross on her chest and wanted to touch her privates.

When she realized what he was planning to do to her, she ran away from his office as fast as her legs  could carry her.

3.    She walked away from Jenifa's Diary because of poor remuneration

Jenifa's Diaries made her popular but not rich.

She says after spending long hours shooting the series, she still had to hustle for ushering jobs for as low as 5,000 Naira.

Sometimes fellow ushers made fun of her for taking such low paying jobs, even after co-starring with Funke Akindele-Bello.