“African man no dey romantic,” is a popular Nigerian saying in pidgin which means African men are not romantic.

Fortunately, in recent times, many young Nigerian guys have repeatedly proven this saying wrong with their heartwarming and blush-inspiring gestures towards the women they love.

Of course, Hollywood romance-comedy movies play a big part in making this happen as well. And like many new generation trends, repetition and ‘copycatism’ (we know it’s not a real word) are unavoidable.

However, there are some romantic gestures that many people believe are ‘must-dos’ at different phases of a relationship, but to be honest, they’re all just meh. Let’s talk about some of them below.

1. Breakfast in bed: For some reason, a lot of people believe this is one of the best ways for a man to show his love for his woman. We’ve seen this in several movies, music videos and heard it in love songs, and it has long been accepted as a major relationship goal. But let’s be honest, is it really comfy for you to sit up in your bed early in the morning to eat? Wouldn’t it be equally romantic if your sweetheart prepared breakfast and you walk to the dining room or kitchen to eat the meal? After all, it is the intention that matters, not where you eat the food. Abi?


2.Go on exotic vacation: It’s almost as if there’s a universal constitution that dictates that every ‘loving’ couple must go on an exotic and bank-breaking vacation at least once a year. All the celebs flooding our Instagram timelines with their dreamy vacay photos are no help either. Ladies and gentlemen, if you cannot afford any of that, just take your bae to the beach or the movies, or any other lovely place that your pocket can handle. As long as both of you are having fun and happy, nothing else matters.

3. Public marriage proposal: Aside from this being so cliché, it’s also very cheesy. Most of the public marriage proposals these days are so staged, with some couples even going as far as rehearsing ahead. Seriously, why all the drama? Imagine Cardi B and Offset staging a public proposal when in reality, they’d been married for over a month already. Need we say more? This trend needs to just go away already.

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