A relationship is only as good as the amount of work you're willing to invest in it

Every New Year that rolls in is an opportunity for us to have a do-over of the things we didn’t get right the previous year.

What were your plans for your relationship that didn’t come to life last year? Are you fine with how things are between you and your partner? Whatever your answer to those questions are, we can help you along the right path by sharing with you 3 realistic relationship goals you can aspire to this year.

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1. Be coded: As Nigerians, we all know what it means when someone tells you to “be coded”. For those who don’t know, it means to keep your business under wraps – the less people know about your relationship, the less likely the chances of any third party throwing a wrench in to screw things up between you and your boo. A perfect example is the secret wedding of singers, Simi and Adekunle Gold that took place recently. Both were once rumoured to be dating some time ago but later ‘broke up’, only for them to shock their fans with a secret wedding that we only got wind of due to a leaked video from the reception. That is a complete lesson on Relationship Goals 101.  Now this doesn’t mean you should date your partner in secret, but learn to stop oversharing – keep important details off social media and stop giving your ‘followers’ updates about every single thing that happens in your relationship.

2. Zip up: In other words, be faithful. We all saw the drama that played out between Offset and Cardi B as the former tried so hard to win his wife back after she broke up with him for cheating on her multiple times. It’s funny how some people only appreciate their lover after their relationship collapses due to infidelity. Don’t let anyone deceive you – it’s totally cool to be faithful. Being with one person doesn’t mean you’re weak or dumb; rather, it means you’re strong and you appreciate a good thing. The grass is not greener on the other side, its greener where you water it. Invest in your relationship and stop hopping up and down looking for thrills that don’t last. Be smart!

3. Stay healthy: With different assortment of dietary supplements and weight loss drinks in the market these days, it’s clear that being out of shape or unhealthy will never be trendy. If you or your partner has been slacking in this department, it’s time for you guys to buckle up and start making healthy lifestyle choices. Eating healthy is all the way in! It takes a healthy couple to ‘be coded’ or ‘zip up’.